5 Tricks to Get the Most Nutrients From Your Food

Ought to we drink the juice as quickly as it’s squeezed? Is it higher to make use of the tomatoes in a sauce? On this article, you’ll uncover some tips that let you reap the benefits of the vitamins in your meals.

1. Eat avocados chilly

The pantothenic acid (or vitamin B5) it incorporates helps to chase away anxiousness. That’s the reason it is named the “anti-stress vitamin”.

However… understand that this vitamin is destroyed by warmth.

Due to this fact, if you wish to reap the benefits of this property, keep in mind to all the time use the avocado in chilly dishes.

2. Go for tomato sauces

In its uncooked kind, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of its nutritional vitamins and minerals (B, C, A and E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium). However however…

The lycopene is absorbed with triple the effectivity after the warmth has damaged the cell membranes and allowed their exit.

Due to this fact, essentially the most considerable sources of lycopene are pure tomato sauces and, above all, stir-fries. And its antioxidant impact multiplies should you use an excellent virgin olive oil and add onions and garlic!

three. Grind the garlic and let it “breathe”

By crushing the uncooked garlic, aliin is fashioned, which, in touch with oxygen, is reworked into allicin and ajoene, two of the primary medicinal parts of this meals.

When getting ready a sizzling sauce with garlic, grind the garlic in a mortar earlier than getting ready it and allow them to relaxation for 10 minutes within the air.

four. Sure, you must drink the juice rapidly!

Taking it entire permits you to profit from flavonoids, which consider white pores and skin.

However should you take it in juice kind, it’s higher to drink it freshly squeezed as a result of vitamin C oxidizes rapidly: at 15-20 minutes of compacting the pulp.

It’s higher to make the juice at residence with natural fruit and drink it straight away to protect its vitamin C.

5. Cabbages: add vinegar when cooked

The cooking deactivates part of its useful molecules: after 5 minutes of boiling, 20% of them have been misplaced and at 10 minutes 40%.

To keep away from this, select different cooking strategies: sautéing, papillote and, above all, steaming, which finest maintains the nutritional vitamins current in cabbages (C, A, group B…).

However should you boil them, add salt and vinegar or lemon and you’ll scale back the losses.

Small gestures that make a distinction

It is extremely doubtless that you’re making some errors that aren’t permitting you to get all the advantages of meals. Be aware of how one can protect your vitamins to the utmost to behave as true well being tablets.

So as to not destroy the vitamins:

The vitamins are extremely unstable and might be “deactivated” or “misplaced” by the motion of sunshine, warmth, when slicing a meals or manipulating it in a sure manner…

  • Protects the endives from the solar. They’re wealthy in folic acid however this nutrient is photosensitive, so it’s best to guard them from mild as a lot as potential. As soon as clear, wrap them in paper towels or a cotton material.
  • The parsley add it on the finish. It has 3 times extra vitamin C than an orange, however you will need to add it on the final second as a result of the warmth destroys it.
  • Potatoes, unpeeled. When eaten with the pores and skin, a medium sized potato contributes half of the really useful each day quantity of calcium.
  • Inexperienced beans: await the water to boil. In case you immerse them for a very long time, they lose lots of their nutritional vitamins: it’s higher put them within the water when it’s already boiling to higher protect their vitamins.
  • Peas, go away them of their pod. Recent peas are actual pearls of well being however should you take them out of their pods and guards… they start to lose vitamins!

Strengthen the qualities

The alternative additionally happens, some preparations improve the motion of vitamins or enhance their digestibility. Figuring out these different culinary tips will let you multiply the useful results of meals in your physique. For instance:

  • Don’t discard the seeds of the grapes. In case you take them to control the functioning of the gut, it’s important that you don’t discard these components, since they’re what promote intestinal exercise.
  • Chestnuts, higher soaked. Peel them effectively if you’re going to eat them uncooked (you’ll reap the benefits of their vitamin C), however take away the yellow pores and skin that covers them (it’s indigestible) and allow them to soak for eight hours to make them extra digestible
  • Carrot: prepare dinner it entire. Analysis from the College of Newcastle (United Kingdom) confirmed that if they’re cooked entire after which chopped, they protect 25% extra of falcarinol-a highly effective antioxidant-and are extra nutritious.
  • Pomegranate, drink your juice. The tannins of this fruit, substances with astringent and anti inflammatory properties, are current primarily within the whitish membranes that separate the grains. To profit from its virtues, it’s higher to drink it in juice.
  • Watermelon. Its white pulp is wealthy in citrulline, an amino acid that can be contained in cucumbers and melons and that regulates the strain. In 200 g of watermelon there are about 400 mg of this substance (60% within the shell and 40% within the inside).

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