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"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition" Thomas Edison, c 1870






My name is Fiona Benson. I was born in 1947 in England and grew up in a farming family in Hampshire, England. Over the years we have obviously experienced huge changes in agriculture and the way our food is produced. When I was first married in 1973 my husband and I were dairy farmers. As farmers, the food fed to our animals is the greatest single farm cost with the greatest single influence on the health of the animals in our care, their production and profitability of the farm.

I was aware that new things were happening in the field of nutrition, but had no idea where to look for a greater understanding over and above the information provided by the feed salesperson. A few years later Mad Cow Disease reared its ugly head. Farmer's were getting the blame for this problem in their need (called greed by the media) to make profits. As a customer of the animal feed companies I assumed any ingredients used were PROVEN safe by the feed companies. One quickly learns to never assume anything!

From 1983 – 1994 I was working outside agriculture. By 1992 I had remarried and moved to South Africa with my husband's business where we became interested in the developing ostrich industry. Quickly learning that there were many production problems, with the aid of the internet I started to understand better what controlled nutrition and was fortunate to work closely with a specialist in livestock nutrition. As I learnt more, it quickly became apparent that the science behind nutrition varied widely in opinion both in animal nutrition but even more so in human nutrition.

Over the past few years as greater information became available, I have became increasingly interested in human nutrition as a lay person needing to understand for my own benefit. I was driven by the fact I had managed to get overweight, my husband was on medication for high blood pressure and starting to follow the advice to consume a low fat diet, full of highly processed products. This advice just did not make basic common sense.

My research has led me to many interesting people, authors, facts and fiction. The more one learns the more one realises that there are a number of excellent scientists, including doctors working daily with patients, whose voice does not get heard or publicised by the media. These are people who have great experience, are well qualified, but do not have substantial marketing budgets to publish their knowledge to the mass public.

The first to trigger my interest was Dr. Atkins. The first book I read of his was in 2003. He explained the science behind his reasoning - but I would hear the media providing very negative and confusing reports. Why were they so aggressively trying to discredit this man? His writings were based on decades of working successfully with patients. It was clear that many were misinterpreting just what his advice was. The confusion comes in understanding the difference in "weight loss" programs and "eating healthily for life" to avoid yo-yo dieting – but of greater importance understand just what is it in our modern diets that are driving the epidemics of obesity, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and all the other modern degenerative diseases.

This led me to find out what other information is available that supported the basis of Dr. Atkins’ findings - a diet high in carbohydrates is the major cause of obesity and all the other modern degenerative diseases. One will find that each person has their own interpretation and there are minor changes - but the basics of their dietary advice is similar and based on "low carbohydrate intake and high fat" and totally opposite to the advice of the "Modern Diet" pumped down our throats by governments and the media pushed by the global food and drug companies.

With few exceptions, the links contained in this web site are all people who want to share their knowledge - several have authored books that have taken a tremendous amount of work and research. Where possible, unless they have something that needs to be heard, I have avoided those marketing products on the back of their knowledge.

I welcome any comments and any information that readers feel should be included in this resource.



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