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"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition" Thomas Edison, c 1870





Books to Read

There are an increasing number of scientists, doctors, researchers and journalists who have put together very sound evidence that conventional dietary advice on the causes and treatments of the Metabolic Syndrome.

There are also a number of every day people who have discovered for themselves that the current dietary advice provided by governments and the medical profession is not working. Carrying out their own investigations they have adopted a healthier lifestyle.

This link takes you to my bookstore. I have selected books that are "must reads" to be able to hear alternative views put forward by those not driven to make profits from adding value to basic food ingredients or pharmaceuticals that can be prescribed for life, but rather seeking the truth. I ask any visitors to my site to please let me know of any books they have come across that I could add to the list.


The cookery/recipe section I have selected only from reading brief previews, I have not read them. Please take care to ensure any recipes you select from these books and any others you find are not "low carb and low fat". When following the low carbohydrate way of eating, it is essential to have adequate levels of fats that are mainly from animal sources as the major source of energy in your diet.


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